Love Commits Me Here
by Tom Breiding
A celebrated writer, Breiding focuses on the true heart and soul of America: our laborers and union members. Hailing from West Virginia, a state with a large populous of mine workers and laborers, Breiding has shared an intense artistic connection with the union members of United States for the entirety of his career, most especially United Mine Workers of America. Breiding’s new collection of live-in-studio songs, titled Love Commits Me Here, is a musical biopic of some of the most significant events, both positive and negative, within the mining and unionized industries in our country. Breiding, however, does not limit himself to the mining industry when it comes to inspiration for his songs. Other themes on the 9-song LP address topics from the plight of immigrants to the WV flood of 2016 and the senseless violence and hatred that led to a mass killing in a Pittsburgh synagogue two blocks from the studio where the title cut “Love Commits Me Here” was recorded.
Released 2020
Amerison Records

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